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As you may be aware, an Internet-wide security issue, commonly referred to as POODLE, has been identified worldwide. While this issue may create a vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain access to any connection using an outdated Web browser, it is not a major concern for the majority of web traffic.

However, Steele Rubber Products takes all security issues serious and continues to protect our customers. Please note, our entire website continues to be 100% secure and backed by the Authorize.Net secure transaction system.

Please note, this is a global issue impacting all Authorize.Net websites being accessed with SSL Version 3 (SSLv3), please be sure to verify all of your online transactions at all websites.

How You May Notice This on Our Website

This issue may appear during the checkout process as an error message like (your message may be different) "Secure Connection Failed. An error occurred during a connection". The majority of customers using modern and updated browsers will not be impacted by this issue. For any of our customers currently using Internet Explorer, you will probably see no impact with your online transactions. However, if you do not recall updating your browser settings, there may be required updates to ensure that you are not impacted. The following steps should help you browse our website much better;

If all this seems too complicated

You can always call in your order between 8am and 6pm Eastern. We have product specialists waiting to assist you. Just call Toll Free 800-447-0849.