RV Weatherstrip Installation Tools

In addition to the products below, we suggest you locally obtain the following:

  • Scissors
  • Non-stick masking tape
  • Acholol prep pads
  • Latex gloves
3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Spray

p/n: 96-8987-96

Quickly cleans off wax, grease, oil, old adhesive, road tar, silicone and other sticky residues. Will not dissolve or harm automotive paint that has been properly aged. Also suitable for use on vinyl or glass surfaces. 15 oz. aerosol. NOTE: CANNOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR.

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3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Black

p/n: 96-8008-96

It is a strong flexible, rubbery adhesive that withstands vibration and extreme temperature vibrations. Primarily designed for use on T-tops and Moon-roofs. Because of its black color, clean-up is eliminated due to its blending in with the rubber. 5 oz. tube.

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Scraper/Tuck Tool

p/n: 94-0110-00

This handy tool is great for scraping off old glue and prepping surfaces without damaging metal. Also can be used to help tuck rubber which makes replacing windshield gaskets easier. A good multi purpose tool. 7-3/4" by 5/8".

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Tuck Tool

p/n: 94-0116-94

This plastic tool has two round edges to make tucking rubber easier. It reduces the risk of scraping the metal or damaging the rubber. 7-3/4" long and 5/8" wide.

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