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Door bumper

p/n: 40-0262-70

Bumper, door.Chrysler 1934 Bumper, door. Chrysler 1932-34 Bumper, decklid. Two (2) required per car. Length: 2.50 inches. Width: 1.8125 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 40-0131-70

Bumper, door side. Approximate size one half (1/2) inch by three fourth (3/4) inch by two (2) inch.Length: 2.0 inches. Width: .50 inches. Height: .

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Door bumper

p/n: 40-0042-70

Pad, door jamb. Earlier type, screw retained, perfect copy.Length: 1.50 inches. Width: 1.25 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 40-0037-70

Pad, door jamb. One and nine sixteenths (1-9/16) inch long by one and one eighth (1-1/8) inch wide.Length: 1.625 inches. Width: 1.0625 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 70-2292-70

Bumper, door check link arm. Fully molded with proper cross section and design.

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Door bumper

p/n: 40-0010-70

Pad, door jamb, fully detailed. One and one eighth (1-1/8) inch long, one and one fourth (1-1/4) inch wide.Length: 1.125 inches. Width: 1.25 inches.

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Door Bumper

p/n: 40-0154-70

Bumper, door side. One and one fourth (1-1/4) inch long by one (1) inch wide. Similar to our #40-0010-70, but different workface. Length: 1.0 inches.

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Glass up stop bumper

p/n: 70-3623-62

Front door glass up stop bumper. For models w/out power vent windows. Use two (2) or four (4) per vehicle. Refer to your vehicle to see how many are required.

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Standard bumper

p/n: 33-0496-71

Bumper, used at door opening at upper corner, license plate, and/or fuel filler door. Self-retaining type.

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