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Luggage Rack Pads

p/n: 70-3459-87

Luggage Rack Pads

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Lock Pillar Water Deflector

p/n: 70-3635-62

Door panel water deflector, at lock. Fully molded for both left and right hand sides.

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Rocker panel dust shield cover

p/n: 70-2392-45

Cover, rocker panel inner dust shield. Fully molded with proper attaching teeth and flap.

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Body hole plug

p/n: 35-0863-45

Plug, body sheet metal holes. Used in various places (like trunks). For one and one half (1-1/2) inch hole in body.

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Firewall grommet

p/n: 35-0515-20

Grommet, floor pan, rear compartment and body.

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Floor pan plug

p/n: 35-0262-20

Plug, floor pan, rear compartment and body. Up to 12 per car, as required.

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Chrome molding washer

p/n: 60-0727-45

Washer, for attaching chrome moldings on body. Fits into metal cup retainer. Three fourths (3/4) inch diameter, use as required.

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Standard rubber washer

p/n: 60-0726-45

Washer, for attaching moldings, emblems, and fender guards as required on body.

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