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Flexible run channel

p/n: 20-1619-58

Channel, door glass flexible run. Fabric covered bead. Sixty (60) inches long. Measures 9/16” tall x 5/8” wide. Used with 1/4” glass.

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Flexible run channel

p/n: 20-1146-58

Channel, flexible door window run. Stainless steel beaded. Sixty (60) inches long.

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Rigid Run Channel

p/n: 70-0347-58

Channel, rigid run, window division bar. Stainless beaded edge, mohair-lined, exact replacement for rear side of division bar.

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Flexible Run Channel

p/n: 70-1108-57

Channel, flexible window run, un-beaded. Five eights (5/8) inch wide, six (6) foot long. Cloth covered mohair-lined type. For sides and top of side windows. High quality, perfect copy. Applications without vent window use a six (6) foot strip. Application

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Flexible Run Channel 6 Foot

p/n: 70-1239-58

Window run channel with stainless beaded edge. Six (6) foot length. Cloth covered, mohair lined, flexible channel for sides and top of door windows. Exact replacement for listed vehicles but can be used in many applications.

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Flexible Run Channel 5 Foot

p/n: 70-1238-58

Window run channel, stainless beaded edge. Cloth covered, mohair lined flexible metal channel for sides and top of door windows. Perfect dimensions, Five eighths (5/8) inch wide by nine sixteenths (9/16) inch overall height, exact replacement. Five (5) fo

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Flexible run channel

p/n: 40-0309-57

Channel, side window glass, vertical run. (Use our #40-0280-57 across top).

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