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Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0138-64

Weatherstrip, front bow-to-windshield, outer, right and left, molded with end hook, screw holes and clearances.Length: 27.0 inches.

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Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0157-64

Weatherstrip, front bow-to-windshield, inner, right and left, superior copy.Length: 25.0 inches.

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Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 20-2094-64

Seal, header bow.

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Front bow fastening clip

p/n: 70-0527-67

Clip, weatherstrip fastening. Front bow to windshield, for holding #70-0138-64 and #70-0157-64 in place. Approximately thirty (30) per car. Cadmium plated, fits rectangular clearance, for one fourth (1/4) inch hole.

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