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Door lock weatherstrip

p/n: 50-0172-70

Weatherstrip, door lock, front and rear. Protects door lock mechanism from dust and weather.Length: 3.625 inches.

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Door handle gasket

p/n: 70-2230-69

Gasket, outside door handle. Precision die cut from one thirty seconds (1/32) inch dense rubber to fit original factory handles.

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Ferrule and grommet kit

p/n: 70-0597-69

Ferrule and grommet set, outside door handle. Cadmium plated ferrule with rubber sleeve. Two (2) piece set for one (1) door.

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Door Handle Ferrule

p/n: 60-0389-69

Ferrule, outside door handle. Chrome with rubber sleeve. Two (2) piece set includes one (1) chrome piece and one (1) rubber piece. Enough for one door.

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Black door lock knob

p/n: 30-0251-71

Knob, inside door lock control, flexible rubber, black only.Height: 1.125 inches.

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Door lock mounting pad

p/n: 27-0020-69

Mounting pad, door lock cylinder, right and left.Length: 1.6875 inches.

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Door Handle Grommet

p/n: 70-0177-69

Grommet for outside door handle bezel.

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Pressure ring

p/n: 70-0261-69

Pressure ring (washer), sponge rubber, interior door handle and window regulator escutcheon. One and three fourths (1-3/4) inches outside diameter by three eighths (3/8) inch thick.

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