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Headlight bar grommet

p/n: 11-0002-14

Grommet, headlight bar-to-radiator shell. Includes clearance groove, faithful detail. 1-1/8 inch inside diameter.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Headlight grommet

p/n: 25-0039-14

Base, headlight wire conduit and support post. (Vertical post under headlight).

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Headlight stanchion pad

p/n: 70-0255-21

Mounting pads, horn and headlight stanchion base to hood latch shelf. Two and one half (2-1/2) inches by four and one fourth (4-1/4) inches.Length: 4.

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Headlight tube flange gasket

p/n: 50-0223-14

Headlight tube flange gasket. Two (2) per car. Replaces #1234556.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Headlight badge bar bushing

p/n: 70-0115-14

Bushing, headlight to badge bar.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Headlight Bracket Pad

p/n: 50-0222-14

Headlight bracket-to-fender pad. POA #1245890-1, right and left.

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Headlight stanchion pad

p/n: 70-0323-14

Pad, for base of headlight stanchion tube.

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Headlight grommet

p/n: 32-0039-14

Grommet, headlight and horn conduit through fender, made to clear nut on end of conduit. Three (3) per car. Sheet Metal Hole: 15/16" Center Hole: 1/4" Outside Diameter: 1-1/4" Slot Width: 1/16"

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Headlight Grommet

p/n: 32-2004-14

Grommet, headlight wire conduit through radiator shell.

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Wire Grommet

p/n: 32-0047-14

This Grommet is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The grommet works for the electric wire through the body for head and taillights. Sheet Metal Hole: 11/16" Center Hole: 3/8" Outside Diameter: 1" Slot Width: 1/16"

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