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7 items found matching 1938 Buick Century 2 door Opera Seat Coupe in Electrical, NonLighting
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Radio antenna end loop

p/n: 70-0105-21

End loop, radio antenna. Cord reinforced rubber with metal grommet. Mounted on runningboard on some models.

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Antenna boot

p/n: 70-0212-21

Boot, runningboard antenna wire connection.

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Starter solenoid boot

p/n: 70-0371-21

Boot, starter solenoid.

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Battery cable boot

p/n: 70-0704-21

Boot, battery cable at starter solenoid.Width: 2.75 inches.

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Battery clamp cover

p/n: 70-0095-21

Cover, battery clamp. Control unsightly sulfate buildup. Help protect the nearby metal and finish. Good copy from original part.Length: 3.5 inches.

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Spark plug grommet

p/n: 70-1181-21

Grommet, spark plug and coil wire at distributor cap outlets. For seven (7mm) millimeter, later years.

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Spark plug grommet

p/n: 70-1180-21

Grommet, spark plug & coil wire at distributor cap outlets. For nine (9mm) millimeter wire, earlier years.

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