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Taillight mounting pad

p/n: 25-0053-15

Mounting Pad set, tail light to body and crown molding to rear fender, right and left. Sold as four (4) piece set only.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Taillight gasket

p/n: 25-0078-15

Gasket, taillight housing to body. Note: Two (2) pairs are required for Starfires. All other vehicles need one (1) pair.

In Stock
Tail light mounting pads

p/n: 70-3793-15

Pads, taillight housing to body. Die cut sponge rubber to authentic original dimensions.

In Stock
Taillight lens gasket

p/n: 25-0079-15

Gasket, taillight lens to housing. Shear die cut sponge rubber.Length: 10.0 inches.

In Stock
Taillight lens gasket

p/n: 25-0100-15

Gasket set, taillight housing and lens. Eight (8) piece set used on taillight and backup light.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Parking/Backup light lens gasket

p/n: 70-1272-16

Gasket, parking light lens and backup light lens. Die cut from one eighth (1/8) inch rubber.

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