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3 items found matching 1939 Ford Half Ton 2 door Standard Cab Pickup in Engine Mounts
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Motor Mount

p/n: 20-1538-11

Front or rear upper motor mount. Useage: Front motor mount for 1932-1947 Ford Trucks with 6 and 8 cylinders. Front motor mount for 1948-1951 Ford Trucks F-1, F-2, F-3. Two (2) required for trucks. Also used for 1932-1948: Ford & Mercury cars as a front

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Motor mount

p/n: 20-1539-11

Mount, front motor. Lower.Ford Truck 1932-47: All Ford Trucks, 2 each required. 1948-51: Ford F100 Series both 6 or 8 cylinder, 1 each required.

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Motor mount bolt

p/n: 20-0309-11

Bolt, front or rear motor mount.Ford Truck 1932-51 Bolt, front motor mount. 2 per truck except as noted.

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