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Bumper guard cap

p/n: 70-0630-30

Bumper "bullets" (caps on bumper guard). Rubber with molded in plate and bolt. High quality reproduction. Four and three eighths inch (4-3/8") outside diameter.

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Bumper guard cap

p/n: 60-0345-30

Bumper bullets, for front bumper. Four and three eighths inch (4-3/8") outside diameter. This is a high quality reproduction, not a cheap imported one. Don't be fooled by price, these will look good for a long time to come.

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Grill bumper

p/n: 70-1464-30

Bumper, grill to front bumper. Fully molded rubber. Three and one fourth inch (3-1/4") outside length. Distance between the two bottom retaining plugs is one and three sixteenths inch (1-3/16'). Biggest plug is one half inch (1/2") diameter, smallest plug

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