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Door Opening Threshold Pad

p/n: 70-2517-49

Mat pair for door sill threshold opening, on body. Made with authentic appearance and constructed of long lasting rubber like original. Perfect replica of factory #1433321, however it should work fine as a replacement of #1497247, 1433281, and 1803065.

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Body anti-squeak 40 inch strip

p/n: 70-1116-45

Filler, runningboard-to-body, forty (40) inch long strip. For sixty four (64) inch strips see our #70-1117-45.

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Body Anti-Squeak Rubber

p/n: 60-0054-73

Bulb type seal, gravel shield-to-rear bumper, anti-squeak. Also used as a door weatherstrip for some makes and models. Twelve (12) foot strip.

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Inner Fender Seal

p/n: 60-0288-45

Inner Fender Seal for anti-rattle, runningboard apron to body, or fender splash panels. Nine sixteenths (9/16) inch by seven eighths (7/8) inch slotted sponge rubber to accept rivets. Sold in eight (8) foot strips.

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