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Shock absorber bushing

p/n: 70-0545-33

Bushing, rear shock absorber link, upper and lower end. Seven eighths (7/8) inch outside diameter, nine sixteenths (9/16) inch inside diameter, thirteen sixteenths (13/16) inch long. Four (4) per car.

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Shock and stabilizer bushing

p/n: 50-0220-32

Bushing, for shock absorber link cross pin or stabilizer link cross pin.1931-36 Bushing, rubber, for shock absorber link cross pin, #41151.

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Shock absorber bushing

p/n: 18-0024-33

Bushing, shock absorber link and rear stabilizer bar link.

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Shock absorber bushing

p/n: 60-0521-33

Bushing, shock link, rear. Four (4) per car, for double acting shocks.Width: .875 inches. Height: .50 inches.

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Shock Absorber Grommet

p/n: 60-0458-32

Grommet, shock absorber

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Shock absorber arm bushing

p/n: 60-0106-32

Bushing, shock absorber arm link.

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Stabilizer or shock grommet

p/n: 70-0737-33

Grommet, front stabilizer link or shock absorber. Fully molded rubber. One and one eighths inch (1 1/8") by three eighths inch (3/8") inside hole diameter by seven eighths inch (7/8") height. Use as a front stablizer link for 1946-1970 Cadillac: All mode

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Shock absorber grommet

p/n: 60-0235-33

Grommet, shock absorber mounting, plain cylinder type with flat ends.

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Shock absorber bushing

p/n: 70-0541-33

Bushing, shock absorber mounting. Five eighths (5/8) inch hole, one and one fourth (1-1/4) inch outside diameter, five eighths (5/8) inch thick.

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Shock Absorber Arm Bushing

p/n: 60-0216-33

Bushing, for double acting shock absorber arm link. Height: .78125 inches.

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