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Side window run channel kit

p/n: 20-0564-58

Complete window channel and felt kit. Includes vent window division post channels, glass run channels, and inner and outer windowfelts. Completes both doors.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Side window run channel kit

p/n: 90-0141-58

This ten (10) piece kit includes the inner and outer windowfelts, upper and lower rigid run channels, and flexible run channels needed to complete two (2) doors. Used for front or rear doors in models with vent windows in the door.

10% discount
Window Run Channel & Beltline Molding Kit

p/n: 70-2485-58

This eight (8) piece Run Channel and Beltline Weatherstrip set is for the door window glass. This reproduction set is designed from the original parts for superior fitment and sealing.

Ships in 1-2 Weeks