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Body Anti-Squeak Rubber

p/n: 60-0054-73

Bulb type seal, gravel shield-to-rear bumper, anti-squeak. Also used as a door weatherstrip for some makes and models. Twelve (12) foot strip.

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Masticated rubber sheet

p/n: 70-0645-45

Masticated sheet. Three thirty seconds (3/32) inch thick rubber sheet containing random milled cotton cord reinforcement for front end splash aprons, etc. This product is a four (4) foot wide roll, and will only be sold in four (4) square foot multiples

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Inner fender bumper

p/n: 20-0402-41

Bumpers, front inner splash apron to frame. Four (4) piece set.Ford Truck 1948-52 Bumpers, gas tank to floor.

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Front fender dust shield clip

p/n: 70-0681-44

Clip, front fender dust shield filler to frame. Spring tempered wire, to original configuration. Up to sixteen (16) per car required.Width: 3.0 inches.

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