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Spring seat service

p/n: 60-0619-35

Seat, rear spring. Revulcanization service only. Send in complete casting with metal sleeve bushing.

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Rear spring bushing

p/n: 60-0311-35

Bushing, rear spring front eye, inlox cartridge type as original.

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Spring seat seal

p/n: 60-0261-32

Seal, rear spring seat. Four (4) piece set.Height: .1875 inches.

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Rear spring bushing

p/n: 60-0208-32

Bushing, rear spring, shackle eye and spring eye. Up to twelve (12) per car.CV/GMC TRK 1955-57 Bushing, rubber, rear spring, shackle eye and spring eye.

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Leaf spring eye seal

p/n: 27-0059-35

Seal or cover, leaf spring eye or shackle bolt end.

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Rear spring bushing

p/n: 60-0236-48

Bushing, body shackles.Length: 1.125 inches.

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Spring shackle seal

p/n: 70-1125-33

Washer, front and rear spring shackle, seal for shackle pin. Constructed of neoprene.

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