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Rear axle suspension bumper

p/n: 70-2638-35

Bumper, rear axle. Fully molded with new rubber vulcanized to new steel cores. Used on all models with conventional spring suspension.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 70-0502-32

Bumper, rear spring to frame, two (2) per car.Width: 2.5 inches. Height: 2.5 inches.

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Front suspension bumper

p/n: 70-1022-32

Bumper, front suspension, lower on spring seat. Made with long lasting Buna rubber.1958: Also used on other models with air suspension.Width: 1.875 inches.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Upper suspension arm dust seal

p/n: 70-0890-32

Seal, upper A-arm, inner and outer. Four (4) piece set.Height: 1.0 inches.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 50-0370-35

Bumper, rear axle stop. Molded left and right. Revulcanization service only.

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Support arm bumper

p/n: 50-0526-32

Bumper, lower support arm. With metal core and attaching bolt. One (1) pair per car.Width: 2.4375 inches. Height: 4.0 inches.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Axle rebound pad

p/n: 60-0491-32

Bumper, axle to frame, rear.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 70-2225-32

Bumper, rear spring axle impact. Located on frame rail. Rubber only, does not include metal retaining clips or bolts.Width: 1.9375 inches. Height: 2.

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Rear spring bumper

p/n: 60-0632-32

Bumper, rear spring.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Front Suspension Rubber Bumper

p/n: 60-0103-32

Front Suspension Rubber Bumper for the front suspension lower control arm (attaches to lower arm spring mount). Steel core, with original size bolt. Width: 1.625 inches.

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Control arm bumper

p/n: 40-0465-32

Bumper, upper control arm. One (1) pair per car.Height: 1.375 inches.

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Support arm bumper

p/n: 25-0055-32

Bumpers, front wheel upper control arm.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Front Spring Rubber Bumper

p/n: 70-0329-32

Front Spring Rubber Bumper - for upper control arm on frame.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 60-0668-32

Bumper, rear axle. Made with metal core and 3/8-16 stud molded in.

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Suspension arm bumper

p/n: 70-1021-32

Bumper, front or rear suspension, upper. Uses two (2) per car on front suspension, one (1) per car on rear.

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Lower suspension arm dust seal

p/n: 70-0646-32

Seal, lower suspension arm, inner. Four (4) piece set.

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Control arm bushing

p/n: 20-1276-32

Bushing, control arm. Upper inner. Two (2) required per side.

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Front suspension bumper

p/n: 20-0011-32

Bumper, front suspension lower arm.

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Control arm bushing

p/n: 20-1279-32

Bushing, control arm. Two (2) required per side.

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Front suspension bumper

p/n: 20-0034-32

Bumper, front suspension upper arm. Three eighths (3/8) inch by three fourths (3/4) inch bolt, twenty four (24) threads.

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