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Tailgate chain cover

p/n: 20-0481-45

Cover, tailgate chain rubber. Cover only. Chain NOT included.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Rear bumper filler

p/n: 27-0095-30

Filler, rear bumper to body. Die cut three thirty seconds (3/32) inch rubber to original profile.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Tailgate bumper

p/n: 70-2854-87

Bumper, tailgate support. Two (2) bumpers mount on tailgate and two (2) mount on body in lower sections. Four (4) required.

In Stock
Tailgate wedge

p/n: 70-2855-87

Wedge, tailgate bumper anti-rattler. Mounts on both end jamb areas on tailgate.

In Stock
Tailgate bumper

p/n: 20-0694-45

Bumpers, tailgate chain. Fits in bracket.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Tailgate bumper

p/n: 20-0580-45

Bumpers, side of tailgate to bed. Installs in tailgate.

In Stock
Door or tailgate bumper

p/n: 33-1228-71

Bumper pads, door or tailgate. Twin retainer style. Three eighths (3/8) inch by seven eighths (7/8) inch by one half (1/2) inch high.

In Stock