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Trunk hinge mounting pad

p/n: 40-0134-85

Pads, trunk hinge mounting. Three and one half (3-1/2) inch and five (5) inch long sections. Sold as four (4) piece set for two (2) hinges.

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Trunk hinge mounting pad

p/n: 40-0402-85

Pads, trunk lid hinge. Four (4) piece set.

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License light mounting pad

p/n: 40-0391-85

Pad, trunk handle and license light housing.Length: 5.875 inches.

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Door and trunk handle gasket

p/n: 40-0132-70

Pad, door handle escutcheon. Two and five sixteenths (2-5/16) inch by one and seven sixteenths (1-7/16) inch.

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