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Luggage rack grommet

p/n: 70-0287-46

Grommets, luggage rack brace rod through body. Styles with luggage rack arms.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Luggage Rack Grommet

p/n: 70-0403-46

Grommets, luggage rack arms through sheet metal, special tall type.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Luggage rack grommet

p/n: 40-0243-30

Grommet, luggage rack mounts.Length: 3.75 inches.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Rumbleseat lid bumper pad

p/n: 60-0191-87

Bumper pad, rumbleseat lid, upper corners. Compare with our #70-0120-87.Width: 1.0 inches. Height: 1.125 inches.

In Stock
Brake clutch or rumbleseat pad

p/n: 20-0325-22

Pad with pyramid design like original. Used a clutch and brake pedal pad for all models, and as a rumble-seat step pad for cars so equipped.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Rumbleseat lid bumper pad

p/n: 20-2133-87

Stops, rumble lid. Lower. Installs on floor.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Trunk bumper

p/n: 20-2132-87

Bumpers, trunk or rumble seat lid. Upper.

In Stock
Trunk or hood bumper

p/n: 34-0203-42

Bumper, trunk or hood. Molded with clearance for screw. Used for: Buick 1942-50 Bumper for trunk. Chevrolet 1949-55 Bumper for rear hood corners on cowl. Chevrolet 1949-50 Bumper for trunk. Oldsmobile 1938 Bumper under hood corner on radi

In Stock