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Windshield frame mounting pad

p/n: 60-0450-52

Mounting pad, windshield lower frame to body. Forty eight (48) inches long. Molded in two (2) parts with joint in center. Canvas base as original.

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Windshield mounting pad

p/n: 60-0360-52

Pad, windshield lower weatherstrip, retainer-to-cowl.Length: 44.0 inches. Width: 1.5625 inches.

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Swing-out Windshield Weatherstrip

p/n: 40-0018-52

This swing-out windshield weatherstrip comes in an eleven foot (11') strip and mounts into the metal channel attached to the glass. The rubber slides into the T-groove and creates a seal when the glass is pressed against the body of the vehicle.

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Windshield Weatherstrip

p/n: 19-0005-52

This windshield weatherstrip comes in a four foot (4') strip and is for horizontally split windshields. The slot fits on the upper half and the projecting edge meets the lower half when the windshield is closed.

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Windshield mounting pad

p/n: 60-0362-52

Pad, windshield side arm-to-cowl, right and left. Replaces #370356.

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Windshield mounting pad

p/n: 60-0361-52

Pad, windshield side arm-to-cowl.Width: 3.1875 inches.

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Windshield bumper

p/n: 34-0258-52

Bumper (stop), swing out windshield against dash. Steel core, nine sixteenths (9/16) inch diameter by five sixteenths (5/16) inch thick. Replaces #3681093. Two (2) per vehicle.

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Windshield post bumper

p/n: 33-0037-52

Bumper, windshield post (side arm). Replaces #366138. Two (2) per car.

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Standard Grommet

p/n: 32-0167-52

Grommet, windshield regulator (crank). Sheet Metal Hole: 1-3/32" Center Hole: 7/8" Outside Diameter: 1-7/16" Slot Width: 1/16"

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Side window weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0064-57

Seal, lower side window. Fastens to inner face of door to seal against outer side of glass. Also used as weatherstrip on crank-up windshield tops.

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