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Motor mount service

p/n: 11-0018-11

Motor Mount, Revulcanization service only. NOTE: This is a difficult disassembly job requiring removal of rivets and re-riveting after revulcanization.

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Rumbleseat step pad

p/n: 11-0012-87

Cover, rumbleseat step pad, slipover type, excellent copy.Width: 5.0 inches. Height: 5.0 inches.

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Fuel neck grommet

p/n: 30-0232-41

Grommet, fuel filler neck. 2-5/8" inside diameter. Fits 3-3/8" hole in sheet metal. Overall width 4-1/8".

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Cowl vent weatherstrip

p/n: 11-0017-54

Weatherstrip, cowl vent. Top quality sponge rubber.

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Rumbleseat lid corner pad

p/n: 70-0120-87

Pad, rumbleseat lid corner, Compare with our #60-0191-87.Length: .75 inches.

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Spring shackle bushing

p/n: 11-0014-32

Bushing, spring eye leaf and shackle bolt, 1-1/2" barrel diameter with 1/2" inside diameter hole. Replaces Harris #998.

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Horn trumpet grommet

p/n: 70-1200-21

Grommets, horn trumpet mounting. One (1) inch inside diameter, 1-3/8 inch outside diameter, 9/16 inch high.

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Spring or stabilizer bushing

p/n: 11-0020-35

Bushing, spring bracket on frame (Auburn and Cord 810 & 812). Also used as a grommet, front stabilizer bar (Graham models 116 & 120). Fully molded rubber. One and five eighths inch (1 5/8") outside diameter by three fourths inch (3/4") inside hole diamete

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Spring shackle bushing

p/n: 11-0019-35

Bushing, spring shackle. Replaces Harris #691.

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Shock and stabilizer bushing

p/n: 50-0220-32

Bushing, for shock absorber link cross pin or stabilizer link cross pin.1931-36 Bushing, rubber, for shock absorber link cross pin, #41151.

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Door Bumper

p/n: 70-1156-71

Pad, door side bumper. Clip retained. Appears identical to Atwood #107, #208.Width: 1.5 inches. Height: 1.3125 inches.

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Trunk Weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0231-85

This weatherstrip was designed from an original part for a specific application but has many uses outside of its original purpose.

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