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119 items found matching 1938 Cadillac Series 90 4 door Convertible
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Vibration damper service

p/n: 70-0638-12

Vibration damper (harmonic balancer), on front of crankshaft. May need rebalancing upon receipt.

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Detachable center post pad

p/n: 70-0295-67

Pads, detachable center post, upper and lower, steel core. One and nine sixteenths (1-9/16) inches by four and one fourth (4-1/4) inches. Four (4) piece set.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Fender light pad

p/n: 70-0684-16

Mounting pad, fender parking light. Two (2) per car.Length: 17.0 inches.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Fluted radiator hose

p/n: 70-0603-31

Hose, cylinder head to radiator, upper. Fluted as original.Length: 10.125 inches.

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Front spring bumper

p/n: 70-0339-32

Bumper, front spring, upper arm on frame. Rubber with heavy steel core, including five sixteenths (5/16) inch stud.

Made to Order Takes 2-3 Days
Steering column floorplate

p/n: 70-0683-88

Cover or seal, rubber, steering column and column gearshift at toe board, under carpet.Length: 12.25 inches.

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Motor Mount

p/n: 70-0529-11

Front motor mount. Revulcanizing core exchange only. Send your cores when ordering.

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Front Door Vent Window Kit

p/n: 90-0335-90

This front door vent window weatherstrip kit is a four (4) piece set that contains the main vent window seals and division post seals. All of the pieces were designed from original parts for a precise, factory fit.

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Motor mount

p/n: 70-0965-11

Motor mount, rear at transmission. Upper and lower cushions with metal washers molded in.

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Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrips

p/n: 38-0003-55

These front door vent window weatherstrips are the main seals needed to replace the rubber on your vent windows. They are designed and molded from original parts for superior fitment and seal.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Rear window division bar seal

p/n: 70-1453-82

Pads, back window divider, inner and outer. Four (4) piece set of molded rubber for two (2) division bars.

Made to Order Takes 4 Days
Taillight mounting pad

p/n: 70-0108-15

Pad set, taillight mounting, right and left. Four (4) piece set.

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Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0138-64

Weatherstrip, front bow-to-windshield, outer, right and left, molded with end hook, screw holes and clearances.Length: 27.0 inches.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0085-73

Weatherstrip, door opening, fits retainer under edge of body sill to form seal when door is closed. Six (6) foot strips.Length: 72.0 inches. Width: 1.

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Steering column floorplate

p/n: 70-0232-88

Floor seal, steering column and pedals.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 70-0233-35

Spring bumper, rear axle. Fastens to spring clamp.

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Cadillac Motors pedal pad

p/n: 70-0076-22

Cadillac Motors pedal pads. Authentic straight diamond pattern. Especially good copy, fine detail.

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Bumper grommet

p/n: 70-0088-28

Grommets, front or rear bumper. Fully original, hollow construction.

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Front spring bumper

p/n: 70-0215-32

Bumpers, front spring, lower arm.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Bumper grommet

p/n: 70-0102-28

Grommets, bumper arm. Fully molded rubber. Five inches (5") outside length by three and one sixteenths inch (3-1/16") outside width by one and five eighths inch (1-5/8") inside hole length by one half inch (1/2") inside width by one and one half inch (1-1

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