Slide Outs

RV Slide Out Seals generally consist of a flap and a bulb. The flap seals against the RV side wall and the slide out when extended and a bulb seals against the outside wall when retracted. When picking out your seals, look to see how your seal is installed. Pushed on, glued on, etc.

Also check on the outside wall of the slide out to see if there is a secondary seal.

In many cases, manufacturers use white rubber which gets dirty and does not have the same UV protection as black rubber. This makes it deteriorate and lose its seal. Our goal is to provide you with a part that performs better and last longer!

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Parts may be discounted for lengths over 50 feet. Click on the image for more information on each part.

Bulb Seal

p/n: 70-3795-99

This seal is found on many RV slide-outs. Slides into a track and seals when the slide-out is closed.

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