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1980 staff and first Steele Rubber Products trailer

Founded in 1958, we’ve been making auto weatherstrip and rubber parts to fit American classic cars, trucks, and hot rods for generations.

We supply high quality windshield, door, window, hood and trunk parts as well as hard to find products such as gaskets, pedal pads, fuel system parts and bumpers. Our parts fit a wide range of makes and models.


Lynn H. Steele founded Steele Rubber Products when he began making hard to find parts for his 1931 Cadillac in his garage. Mr. Steele was a tool and die engineer with a love of classic cars and auto restoration. Word of his quality parts got around, orders came in and soon, Steele Rubber Products was a family business operated by Mr. and Mrs. Steele and their children.

More than 50-years later Steele Rubber Products still makes rubber parts and weatherstripping using Mr. Steele's proven method of manufacturing parts by hand, and developing new parts by using only originals and detailed research.

Over the years we have developed more advanced tools but it is not uncommon to see our staff members testing our weatherstripping parts on their own classic cars and hot rods.

Lynn Steele tooling

Lynn H. Steele, founder Steele Rubber Products