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Wheel cover cushion

p/n: 70-0094-38

Cushion strip for large hubcap (wheel cover). Original type, replaces that old brittle rubber to keep from losing the cover. Set of four (4) strips, approximately four (4) foot long, enough for all four (4) wheels.

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Wheel cover cushion

p/n: 70-1024-38

Cushion, wheel disk. A fully molded alternative to our #70-0094-38.

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Wheel cover cushion

p/n: 70-0633-38

Filler, wheel cover to wheel. Approximately two and one eighth (2-1/8) inches long each, twenty (20) required per car. (Five (5) per wheel cover).

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Wheel cover cushion

p/n: 30-0419-38

Cushion, wheel shield. Five (5) to six (6) pieces per wheel.Length: 1.0625 inches. Width: .50 inches. Height: .4375 inches.

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