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Hatch & Compartment Doors

We offer several designs of cabin and compartment door seals to best accommodate your needs. Our high-quality EPDM rubber makes for a durable and secure fit between the door and frame that is easy to install.

Window & Glass

Our window and glass seals are made with high-quality materials ensuring leak-proof mountings. Weather and UV resistant, these seals will provide a clean look and durable finish.

Rub Rails

Rub rails are designed to absorb impacts while drip rails keep it streak-free. Our parts are made of a high-quality, weather and UV resistant rubber meaning years of durable function that’s easy to install.

Edge Trim

Edge Trim is used on any edge where a rubber finish is needed. With many shapes and styles available, our flexible edge trim creates a finished look to cover any exposed edge.

Drip Guards

Dripper Guard prevents boat hull stains caused by boat thru-hulls. These guards are ideal for preventing stains from air conditioner, sink, generator, shower, bilge pump, bait well, and sump pump thru-hulls.

Bumpers, Plugs, & Grommets

Our bumpers, plugs, and grommets are manufactured from dense rubber. Search by size to find exactly what you need!

A/C Gaskets

Our A/C Gasket is a unique one-piece design to ensure no-lead functionality. This gasket has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing for an easier installation

Adhesives & Tools

Adhesives and tools are necessary for the completion of some projects. These items are designed specifically to make completing the job easier.