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Bumpers, Screw Attached

Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0305-71

Bumper assembly, front door hinge, upper, stop. Two (2) per car, steel core as original.Height: .6875 inches.

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Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0470-71

Bumpers, rear door upper, right and left.

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Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0469-71

Bumpers, front door, upper. Approximately five eighths (5/8) inch square, three eighths (3/8) inch inside diameter. Steel core, retained by screw.

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Spare Tire Bumper

p/n: 34-0043-37

Bumper or spacer, spare tire in fender well. Eight (8) required per car. All models with fender wells.

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Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0342-71

Door bumper, round, rubber with steel insert, (called door anti-rattle). Two (2) per door on all closed body styles, one (1) per door on convertible Sedan.

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Folding Seat Bumper

p/n: 34-0004-88

Bumper, folding seat rest. Also used as hood pad. Original configuration, with fabric base and molding screw hole to fit #10-32 screw.

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Hood Bumper

p/n: 34-0311-42

Bumper, hood, fastened to cowl at rear of hood. Steel core. One and eleven sixteenths (1-11/16) inch diameter. Two (2) per car.

In Stock
Hood Bumper

p/n: 34-0157-42

Bumper, hood to radiator grille frame. Four (4) per car, normally.

In Stock
Windshield Bumper

p/n: 34-0258-52

Bumper (stop), swing out windshield against dash. Steel core, nine sixteenths (9/16) inch diameter by five sixteenths (5/16) inch thick. Replaces #3681093. Two (2) per vehicle.

In Stock
Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0454-71

Bumper, rear door bottom.

In Stock
Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0025-42

Bumper, front and rear body hinge pillar, one (1) inch diameter by one fourth (1/4) inch thick, held by screw, steel core. Auxiliary, used only where needed to prevent door rattle.

In Stock
Trunk Bumper

p/n: 34-0399-87

Bumper, trunk opening on lid. Metal core, as original, screw held. Two (2) required per car.

In Stock
Door Bumper

p/n: 34-0131-37

Bumper, front door above the upper hinge on the upper radius of the door. Stiff-backed, retained by screw, mounted on door only.

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Hood Latch Swivel Pad

p/n: 34-0408-42

Pad, hood latch swivel for hood latch pressure against hood corners. For screw or rivet.

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Door Lock Bumper

p/n: 34-0484-71

Bumper, door lock post, upper, one half (1/2) inch diameter by one half (1/2) inch tall, plated screw.Height: .50 inches.

In Stock
Hood Corner Pad

p/n: 34-1186-42

Pads, hood door corners, cup type.1931 Twenty (20) required. 1932 Twenty Four (24) required.Height: .375 inches.

In Stock
Trunk or Hood Bumper

p/n: 34-0203-42

Bumper, trunk or hood. Molded with clearance for screw.

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