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Muffler Bypass Floor Plate

p/n: 11-0006-88

Floor plate, muffler bypass control. Brass core as original, fully detailed.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Exhaust System Hanger - Revulcanization Only

p/n: 40-0350-13

This Revulcanization Service Only is designed to restore your Exhaust System Hanger to a like new original condition. Service requires your metal core. Please call or email for more service details and ordering.

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Exhaust System Support Pad

p/n: 60-0319-13

This Exhaust System Support Pad is the right-angle type insulator and fabric reinforced. Molded with a steel core at one end as original style.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Exhaust Support Grommet

p/n: 60-0404-13

Grommet, muffler pipe support.Length: 3.125 inches.

In Stock
Exhaust System Hanger

p/n: 70-0600-13

Insulator, crosswise muffler hanger, two (2) per car. (See also our #70-0626-13).Length: 4.4375 inches. Width: 2.25 inches.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Exhaust System Hanger

p/n: 70-0626-13

Insulator (hanger) tailpipe to frame. See also our #70-0600-13.Length: 3.9375 inches. Width: 1.9375 inches.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Insulator, crosswise muffler h

p/n: 70-0612-13

Insulator, crosswise muffler h

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Exhaust System Hanger

p/n: 60-0307-13

This Exhaust System Hanger is used for the muffler-to-tailpipe support (insulator) with reinforced webbing. Fully molded from top-quality EPDM dense rubber to ensure durability. One (1) required per car.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days
Exhaust system hanger

p/n: 70-0220-13

Insulator, exhaust system. Double end threaded, for muffler pipe and intermediate pipe bracket on extra long body styles. Two (2) required per car.

In Stock
Threaded Ends Insulator for Propeller Shaft and Exhaust Muffler

p/n: 70-0631-27

A steel core, double end threaded quality rubber Insulator that functions as an exhaust system muffler pipe bracket insulator. Also functions as a propeller shaft bearing to frame crossmember insulator.

In Stock
Exhaust support grommet

p/n: 70-0202-13

Grommet, exhaust system support bracket.

In Stock
Exhaust Support Grommet

p/n: 60-0031-13

This Exhaust Support Grommet is designed from the original part for superior fitment and usage. The OEM direct fit application is as a rear and middle muffler exhaust support hanger.

In Stock
Exhaust Tailpipe Hanger Strap

p/n: 60-0308-13

This Exhaust Tailpipe Hanger Strap is made from high-quality rubber for a precise, factory like fit for your classic vehicle. Muffler/tailpipe system, reproduction strap type is manufactured to OEM specifications.

Made to Order Takes 5-7 Days

p/n: 30-0404-48

Insulator, used on various places on vehicle. Uses 10 to 14 per car running board to frame bracket. Replaces factory #324851.

In Stock