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Plugs, Body Plugs

Door Plug

p/n: 35-0575-62

Plugs, door bottom, self-retaining, oval.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Body Plug - Rubber Grommet Set

p/n: 20-2706-20

This thirteen (13) piece Body Plug and Grommet set is designed from the original parts for superior fitment and sealing. Made from high quality EPDM dense rubber to provide excellent durability. MCA approved. Includes installation instructions.

Ships in 5-7 Days
Floor Pan Plug

p/n: 35-0576-45

Plug, floor pan, oval, self-retaining, fits one fourth (1/4) inch by nine sixteenths (9/16) inch hole.

In Stock
2-7/16" Floor Plug

p/n: 35-3508-45

Plug designed for floor holes.

In Stock
1" Frame Hole Plug

p/n: 35-0166-44

Plug, for holes in right hand frame rail when car is left hand drive. (Frames were punched for both right hand and left hand drive).

In Stock
1-5/16" Access Plug

p/n: 35-1214-20

Firewall access hole plug designed for unused holes in firewall.

In Stock
1-3/4" Rear Door Bumper

p/n: 35-1030-71

Bumper, rear door. Plug style. Compare with your original, use as required.

In Stock
1-1/8" Firewall Plug

p/n: 35-0197-31

Plug designed for firewall applications.

In Stock
2-1/4" Body Hole Plug

p/n: 35-0863-45

Plug, body sheet metal holes. Used in various places (like trunks). For one and one half (1-1/2) inch hole in body.

In Stock
1-3/16" Utility Plug

p/n: 35-0099-20

Utility body plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
1" Floor Pan Grommet

p/n: 35-0515-20

Grommet designed for floor, compartment and body.

In Stock
1-1/2" Antenna Hole Plug

p/n: 35-0327-45

Plug designed for antenna mounting for inner fender at shroud. For vehicles without a fender-mounted antenna.

In Stock
1-5/8" Access Hole Plug

p/n: 35-0517-45

Access hole plug designed for rocker panel end, under fender.

In Stock
1-1/4" Trunk Floor Pan Plug

p/n: 35-0402-87

Plug designed for floor construction holes and rest pad for spare wheel area. Six (6) to eight (8) per car, as required.

In Stock
1-1/4" Utility Plug

p/n: 35-0457-45

Body plug designed for a variety of utility applications.

In Stock
13/16" Floor Pan Plug

p/n: 35-0171-20

Plug designed for various floor and body applications.

In Stock
3/4" Body Hole Grommet

p/n: 35-0369-20

Designed for shroud or cowl upper panel gauge holes and for various body holes requiring grommet.

In Stock
1" Floor Pan Plug

p/n: 35-0262-20

Plug designed for floor pan, compartment and body. Up to 12 per car, as required.

In Stock
5/8" Utility Body Plug

p/n: 35-0458-45

Plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
3/4" Trunk Floor Pan Plug

p/n: 35-0070-87

Plug designed for floor and drain holes.

In Stock
1-5/8" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1056-20

Plastic plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
1-7/8" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1057-20

Plastic plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
1-1/4" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1054-20

Plastic plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
1-3/16" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1053-20

Plug designed for body holes.

In Stock
1-3/8" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1055-20

Plastic plug designed for various uses.

In Stock
7/8" Plastic Plug

p/n: 35-1052-20

Plastic plug designed for various uses.

In Stock