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Radiator panel bumper

p/n: 33-0211-31

Bumper, lower radiator panel to grille, four (4) per car. Also used on radiator valance, two (2) per car. Compare with our #33-0189-31.

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Taillight bumper

p/n: 33-0556-15

Bumper, taillight body upper half and fuel filler cover to lower half. Four (4) required per car.

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Front fender bumper

p/n: 33-0531-42

Bumper, front fender to hood.

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Gravel shield bumper

p/n: 33-0016-45

Bumper, gravel deflector. Self retaining, round button style, used as anti-rattle to front bumper support bar, two (2) car.

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Vent window bumper

p/n: 33-0507-62

Pad, vent window frame, self-retaining.

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Hood & Door bumper

p/n: 33-0459-42

Bumper, hood to cowl and door hinge pillar upper. May be used in both places.

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Trunk bumper

p/n: 33-0293-87

Bumper, trunk and tailgate lid bumper support, on lid.

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Standard bumper

p/n: 33-0496-71

Bumper, used at door opening at upper corner, license plate, and/or fuel filler door. Self-retaining type.

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Standard bumper

p/n: 33-0136-42

Bumper, standard. See detail page for specific usage.

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Hood bumper

p/n: 33-0003-42

Bumper, hood, 2 uses. Hood to radiator shell at side panel, Hood to fender, as required. Up to ten (10) required per car.Buick requires six (6) per car.

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Glovebox and Fuel Filler Door Bumper

p/n: 33-0127-41

Glovebox and Fuel Filler Door Bumper

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Standard bumper

p/n: 33-0730-42

Bumper, hood ornament base. One (1) per car. Self retain.Cadillac 1939-48 Bumper, rubber, hood ornament base. 1 per car.

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Standard Bumper

p/n: 33-0128-88

Standard Bumper - Commonly used for fuel filler or glovebox doors.

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