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5 items found matching 1936 Packard Standard Eight 4 door Limousine - 7 Passenger in Clutch and Brake, Misc Others
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Gearshift knob

p/n: 30-0153-24

Knob, gearshift. Rubber only for flanged top nut on gearshift lever.

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Brake cable anti-rub cover

p/n: 60-0443-24

Sleeve, rear brake cable anti-rub. Six (6) piece set. One half (1/2) inch inside diameter, seven eighth (7/8) inch outside diameter.

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Brake and clutch shank seal

p/n: 30-0055-24

Seals, brake and clutch pedal shanks, against underside of floorboard.Length: 2.5625 inches. Width: 1.75 inches.

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Brake vacuum cylinder rod boot

p/n: 30-0426-24

Boot, brake vacuum control valve.Height: .25 inches.

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Brake cable anti-rub cover

p/n: 30-0425-24

Anti-rattle, brake cable at frame.

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