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Coil wire sleeve

p/n: 14-0022-21

Sleeve, spark plug wires from distributor to wiring tube, rubber only.

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Plug wire sleeve

p/n: 30-0204-21

Sleeve, plug wire tube to distributor cap. One (1) pair required per car.Height: .9375 inches.

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Horn relay cover

p/n: 70-0623-21

Cover, top of horn relay.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Wiring grommet

p/n: 70-0709-21

Grommet, horn wire exit from horn motor cover. Eleven thirty seconds (11/32) inch inside diameter. Two (2) per car.

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Horn button contact cushion

p/n: 50-0409-21

Separator, horn contact. For standard or non-flexible wheel.

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Radio antenna end loop

p/n: 70-0105-21

End loop, radio antenna. Cord reinforced rubber with metal grommet. Mounted on runningboard on some models.

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Horn button contact cushion

p/n: 60-0192-21

Cushion, standard steering wheel horn button contact. Two and one half (2-1/2) inch diameter.

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Starter button

p/n: 40-0302-89

Button, starter pedal rod. Brown rubber.

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Antenna boot

p/n: 70-0212-21

Boot, runningboard antenna wire connection.

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Horn button contact ring

p/n: 60-0157-21

Ring, horn button contact. Accessory banjo steering wheel. Four and one eighth (4-1/8) inch outside diameter.

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Horn button contact cushion

p/n: 60-0344-21

Cushion, horn blowing button.Height: 1.0 inches.

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Battery carrier edge liner

p/n: 60-0112-21

Edge liner, battery carrier cover.Length: 42.0 inches. Width: .25 inches. Height: .6875 inches.

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Horn projector grommet

p/n: 60-0161-21

Grommet, horn trumpet through horn mounting bracket. For Deluxe country horn.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Starter button

p/n: 60-0322-21

Starter button, push on replacement to rod. Two (2) inch outside diameter.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Starter solenoid boot

p/n: 70-0371-21

Boot, starter solenoid.

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Starter pedal pad

p/n: 25-0049-89

Pad, starter pedal. Original pattern, brown rubber, exact copy.Height: .50 inches.

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Battery carrier edge liner

p/n: 27-0091-21

Seal strip, battery to fender apron. Two (2) correct cross section strips nineteen (19) inches long.

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Battery cable boot

p/n: 70-0704-21

Boot, battery cable at starter solenoid.Width: 2.75 inches.

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Electrical terminal boot

p/n: 30-0279-41

Boot, electrical connection, generator terminal or ignition coil at engine.

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Starter button cover

p/n: 60-0166-21

Cover, starter pedal button. Rubber slip over type for old metal. Two (2) inch outside diameter. If car doesn't have old metal, see our #60-0322-21.

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