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Fog light lens gasket

p/n: 70-2547-17

Gasket, fog light lens to reflector. Machine die cut. For models with factory fog lights.

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Phototube mounting pad

p/n: 70-0721-17

Pad, phototube mounting on instrument panel. Automatic headlight beam control.Length: 2.3125 inches. Width: 1.6785 inches.

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Dome light lens gasket

p/n: 70-3102-17

Gasket, dome light lens.

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Dimmer switch grommet

p/n: 40-0083-88

Grommet, dimmer switch for carpet application.

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Universal mounting pad

p/n: 70-0308-17

Mounting pad, continuous for lights, hinges, brackets, and other bright work when no molded pad is available.

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Firewall grommet

p/n: 32-0134-20

Special grommet with wide spacing for frame metal to pass electrical wiring and cables through frame. Sheet Metal Hole: 1-1/16" Center Hole: 13/16" Outside Diameter: 1-5/16" Slot Width: 5/32"

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Wiring grommet

p/n: 32-0369-20

Grommet, wiring harness through fender skirts, or hood latch lower mounting panels. Also other miscellaneous uses. Sheet Metal Hole: 1-1/16" Center Hole: 3/4" Outside Diameter: 1-3/8" Slot Width: 1/16"

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Firewall grommet

p/n: 32-0158-17

Grommet, hand brake cable through firewall. Sheet Metal Hole: 9/16" Center Hole: 5/16" Outside Diameter: 13/16" Slot Width: 1/16"

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