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Gravel shield

p/n: 50-0439-44

Gravel shield, rear fender. Fully molded with metal backing and attaching tabs.Length: 15.75 inches.

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Gravel shield bumper

p/n: 30-0384-44

Cushion, rear gravel to bumper. Six (6) feet long. One (1) strip required per car.Length: 72.00 inches. Width: .25 inches. Height: .6875 inches.

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Body Anti-Squeak Rubber

p/n: 60-0054-73

Bulb type seal, gravel shield-to-rear bumper, anti-squeak. Also used as a door weatherstrip for some makes and models. Twelve (12) foot strip.

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Gravel shield anti-squeak

p/n: 70-0461-45

Gasket strip, rear valance on gravel shield to body. One thirty seconds (1/32) inch by one and three fourths (1-3/4) inch by six (6) foot. Customer to cut bolt clearance as needed.

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Gravel shield bumper

p/n: 60-0146-30

Bumper, rear bumper deflector. Two (2) per car.Chevrolet 1942-55 Bumper, rubber, radiator grille, lower panel.Length: 2.1875 inches.

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Bumper seal

p/n: 70-0563-45

Filler valance or deflector, rear. Eight (8) inches long (cut shorter where required), three (3) to four (4) required per car.

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Gravel shield bumper

p/n: 70-0569-30

Bumper, gravel deflector, anti-rattle for front or rear bumper mounting bar. Metal with rubber covered end. Three and one half inches (3-1/2") long by two and one fourths inch (2-1/4") wide. Front Bumper Bar Usage 1942: All Cadillac mo

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Radiator panel bumper

p/n: 33-0211-31

Bumper, lower radiator panel to grille, four (4) per car. Also used on radiator valance, two (2) per car. Compare with our #33-0189-31.

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