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Motor mount pad

p/n: 16-0006-11

Pad, front and rear, motor mount. Spool type insulator. Four (4) piece set, two (2) sets may be required per car.

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Windshield Weatherstrip Channel

p/n: 17-0032-52

12 (twelve) foot strip of windshield weatherstrip channel. Seals windshield glass to body and protects interior of vehicle.

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Front fender cushion strip

p/n: 16-0003-44

Cushion strip, front fender to runningboard, close reproduction.Length: 17.75 inches.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Headlight mounting pad

p/n: 16-0002-14

Pad, headlight mounting, right and left. Top material and workmanship.Length: 5.6875 inches.

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Rear bumper filler

p/n: 16-0004-30

Filler, rear bumper bar to body. U-shaped channel specially molded to conform to clearance in sheet metal. Fully molded rubber. Four and one fourths inch (4-1/4") length by two and one half inch (2-1/2") width by three eighths inch (3/8") height.

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Fuel neck grommet

p/n: 16-0001-41

Mounting pad, fuel filler neck bezel, good copy of original.Length: 5.75 inches.

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Shock absorber arm bushing

p/n: 30-0192-32

Bushing, shock absorber arm. Restore proper shock action.Height: 1.375 inches.

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Shock and stabilizer bushing

p/n: 50-0220-32

Bushing, for shock absorber link cross pin or stabilizer link cross pin.1931-36 Bushing, rubber, for shock absorber link cross pin, #41151.

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