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Side mount spare wheel grommet

p/n: 60-0002-37

Grommet, sidemount wheel carrier brace support-at-cowl panel. Heavy brass core, flexible neck, close copy of original.

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Radiator brace filler strip

p/n: 70-0020-31

Filler strip, radiator brace rods. Retains ignition wire and thermometer tube in hollow brace rods. Thirty (30) inch strips.

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Red brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 30-0188-89

Pads, brake and clutch pedal, slip over type. Black and red rubber. For black only see our #30-0188-22.Length: 3.875 inches. Width: 2.875 inches.

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Steering column grommet

p/n: 70-1512-36

Insulator, steering column bracket. Two (2) pieces of extruded rubber like original.Width: 1.3125 inches.

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Rumbleseat step pad

p/n: 40-0353-44

Pad, rumbleseat step, with "DS" logo. Fits old bracket and bezel. See our #40-0055-44 also.Height: .50 inches.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 40-0038-22

Pad, brake and clutch pedal. See also our #40-0072-22.Length: 3.8125 inches. Width: 2.3125 inches.

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Rumbleseat step pad

p/n: 40-0209-44

Pad, rumbleseat step slip over style for original core, "DB" logo.

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Steering column grommet

p/n: 15-0002-36

Grommet, steering column clamp at dash, one and three fourths (1-3/4)inch wide for one and three fourths (1-3/4)inch column.Length: 6.125 inches.

Made to Order Takes 1-2 Days
Rear spring bumper

p/n: 60-0137-32

Bumper, rear spring. Fits original retainer.Width: 2.5625 inches.

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Cowl vent gasket

p/n: 70-0713-54

Gasket, cowl side ventilator. One eighth (1/8) inch sponge rubber.Length: 11.375 inches. Width: 4.625 inches.

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Carpet heel plate

p/n: 40-0087-88

Heel pad for carpet. Identical to original. Five and three fourths (5-3/4) inch by ten and one half (10-1/2) inch, to be stitched in place.Length: 10.

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Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 30-0188-22

Pads, brake and clutch pedal, slip over type. Black rubber only. For black and red (semi-automatic clutch models) see our #30-0188-89.Length: 3.875 inches.

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Brown accelerator pedal pad

p/n: 50-0080-89

Pad, accelerator pedal. Brown rubber. For black see our #50-0080-40. Full slip-over type, perfect copy.Color:brown Length: 9.375 inches.

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Windshield weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0078-52

Weatherstrip, lower windshield. Four (4) foot strip.

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Headlight grommet

p/n: 40-0009-14

Grommet, headlight bar to shell. One and one fourth (1-1/4) inch round hole.

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Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 40-0213-22

Pad, brake and clutch pedals. Horizontal oval style, slip over type.Length: 3.8125 inches. Width: 2.375 inches.

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Steering column floorplate

p/n: 17-0001-36

Grommet, steering column floor, black rubber only, excellent copy of original.Length: 5.0 inches.

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Rumbleseat Weatherstrip

p/n: 14-0051-87

Weatherstrip or rubber buffer, rumbleseat opening notch-out on perimeter of opening near water catch rail. Two (2) used per car.

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Access hole plug

p/n: 10-0010-44

Cover, rear apron over fuel tank. 3-1/2 inch diameter hollow cup to cover hole above fuel gauge sending unit.

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Vacuum brake rod cover seal

p/n: 70-0327-24

Cover seal, vacuum brake valve operating rod.

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