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135 items found matching 1939 Chevrolet Master 85 2 door Sedan - 5 Passenger
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Fender welting 25ft chrome

p/n: 70-1101-44

Welting, fender, bright chrome vinyl, three sixteenths (3/16) inch bead, one and one half (1-1/2) inch width. Superior quality. Twenty five (25) foot roll. Typically used to attach two (2) fenders to body. For fifty (50) foot roll see our #70-1102-44.

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Spring seat seal

p/n: 60-0261-32

Seal, rear spring seat. Four (4) piece set.Height: .1875 inches.

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Accelerator rod seal

p/n: 60-0136-41

Grommet, accelerator rod through toe board. Brass core and center bushing as original.

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Brown steering column grommet

p/n: 60-0102-89

Grommet, steering column at floor (column shift). Brown rubber. For black see our #60-0102-36.

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Fender welting 3/16 bead 25ft

p/n: 70-1099-44

Welting, fender. Superior quality, proper construction of reinforced black vinyl over vinyl core, one and three eighths (1-3/8) inch wide, three sixteenths (3/16) inch, twenty five (25) foot roll. Typially used for attaching two (2) fenders to body. For f

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Fuel neck grommet

p/n: 60-0040-41

Grommet, fuel filler neck. Fully molded rubber, slighlty angled with retaining flange. Three and five sixteenths inch (3 5/16") outside width by three and one half inch (3 1/2") outside length by two and one eighth inch (2 1/8") inside hole diameter by tw

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Steel sash channel

p/n: 70-0641-58

Sash channel, side window glass. U-shaped steel channel only, no filler. Will require that you attach your own window regulator cam to underside as required.

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License light mounting pad

p/n: 60-0205-17

Mounting pad trunk license light. Not an original item. But many owners wish to pad this light from the paint job. Good fit, perfect bead form.

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Cowl vent weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0143-54

Gasket, cowl vent. Perfect copy of original, not a sponge substitute, top quality material.

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Horn button contact cushion

p/n: 60-0192-21

Cushion, standard steering wheel horn button contact. Two and one half (2-1/2) inch diameter.

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Steering column grommet

p/n: 60-0102-36

Grommet, steering column at floor (column shift). Black rubber. For brown see our #60-0102-89.

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Steering column vacuum boot

p/n: 60-0556-24

Boot, steering column vacuum cylinder seal. Perfectly engineered duplicate of original. Constructed of durable long lasting rubber.Length: 4.375 inches.

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Battery carrier edge liner

p/n: 60-0112-21

Edge liner, battery carrier cover.Length: 42.0 inches. Width: .25 inches. Height: .6875 inches.

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Trunk hinge mounting pad

p/n: 60-0139-87

Pad, trunk hinge mounting, upper and lower. Four (4) piece set.

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Starter button

p/n: 60-0322-21

Starter button, push on replacement to rod. Two (2) inch outside diameter.

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Brake master cylinder boot

p/n: 60-0180-24

Boot, brake master cylinder rod. Fits on one and one fourth (1-1/4) inch diameter cylinder. Height: 2.125 inches.

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Stabilizer bushing

p/n: 60-0317-33

Bushing, link, front stabilizer shaft support. Molded rubber with heavy duty metal sleeve. Six (6) required per vehicle. One and one eighths inch (1 1/8") outside diameter by one half inch (1/2") inside hole diameter by one and one eighths (1 1/8") height

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Brake And Clutch Pedal Bumper

p/n: 60-0104-24

Bumper, brake and clutch pedal shank, rides under floorboard. One and one eighth (1-1/8) inch clearance for pedal shaft. Compare with our #60-0579-24.

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Trunk handle grommet

p/n: 50-0183-87

Grommet, trunk handle bezel-thru-trunk lid. Special size, one (1) inch inside diameter.Buick 1937 Grommet, trunk handle bezel-thru-trunk lid.

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Windshield division bar gasket

p/n: 70-0098-52

Gasket, divided windshield center post. Combines inner and outer gasket in one piece as original. Seventeen (17) inch to (20) inch lengths.Length: 20.

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