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62 items found matching 1942 Mercury Series 29A 2 door Convertible
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Runningboard matting

p/n: 20-1602-49

Runningboard covers.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrip Set

p/n: 20-1615-55

This front door vent window weatherstrip set contains the main and division post seals for the vent windows and the base extension pieces for the frame. They are designed and molded from original parts for superior fitment and seal.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1625-60

Window-felt kit, front door. Convertibles only. Window channel kit for two (2) doors.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Windshield Gasket

p/n: 20-1605-50

This windshield gasket mounts around the full perimeter of the front glass and has the divider bar molded directly into it for a precise, factory fit. It also has the slot to accommodate the outer edge's decorative molding.

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Door weatherstrip Kit

p/n: 20-1655-72

Door edge weatherstrip. This set is the primary door to body perimeter weatherstrip.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Trunk Weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1685-84

This trunk weatherstrip is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The seal mounts around the full perimeter of the trunk directly to the body.

Made to Order Takes 3-4 Days
Body to frame webbing

p/n: 20-1599-48

Webbing, body to frame. Two (2) inch wide, twenty five (25) foot long roll.

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Fenderskirt edge seal

p/n: 20-0111-44

Pad, fenderskirt edge, similar to our #70-0055-45, but thinner. Approximately five (5) foot strip per skirt.Length: 60.0 inches. Width: .15625 inches.

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Side window leading edge

p/n: 20-1659-80

Side window vertical leading edge weatherstrip.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1644-73

Weatherstrips, open car door hinge. Door seals molded to fit hinge area.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Engine Mount - Rear

p/n: 20-0421-11

Engine Mount - Rear, Ford Truck 1942-52 Mount, rear motor. Both 6 & 8 cylinder models. Replaces factory #21A-6068. Fits F-1 models. 1 ea. required.

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Taillight mounting pad

p/n: 20-1547-15

Pads, taillight.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Parking light mounting pad

p/n: 20-1556-16

Pads, parking light.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Fender welting

p/n: 20-1590-44

Fender welting. Thirty (30) foot roll. Black, textured finish. 1/4" bead.

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Firewall grommet

p/n: 20-1637-67

Grommets, top motor to firewall bracket. Three (3) piece set.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Front bumper grommet

p/n: 20-1566-28

Grommets, front bumper arms to splash pan rubber. Four (4) piece set.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Gravel shield anti-squeak

p/n: 20-1569-29

Seal, rear bumper to stone deflector rubber.

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Motor mount kit

p/n: 20-1978-11

Kit, motor mount. Enough for one motor mount. Kit includes one (1) each of 78-6029-A, B-6038-C, 78-6048-A, B-6039-A, and B-6047.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Runningboard mounting pad

p/n: 20-1603-49

Grommets, runningboard to frame and front fender to cowl. Rubber grommets and metal washers. Twenty four (24) piece set.

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Parking light wiring boot

p/n: 20-1555-16

Boot, parking light socket.

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Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 20-1563-22

Pads, brake and clutch pedal. Concentric circle design.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Front stabilizer bushing

p/n: 20-1579-33

Bushings, stabilizer bar. Front.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Cowl vent gasket

p/n: 20-1613-54

Gasket, cowl vent.

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Trunk handle mounting pad

p/n: 20-1692-86

Pad, deck handle base.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Accelerator pedal pad

p/n: 20-1585-40

Pedal, accelerator. Original type.

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Leading edge weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1656-76

Channel, quarter window glass to stainless frame rubber.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Steering column floorplate

p/n: 20-1696-88

Seal, steering column tube. Installs under floor mat.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Fender welting

p/n: 20-1591-44

Fender welting. Eight (8) foot length.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1650-73

Weatherstrips, lower back of door.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Glovebox Door Bumper Stops

p/n: 20-1698-88

Bumper stops for the glovebox door - lower. Rubber Coated Steel like original. This part prevents the glovebox door from opening too far, reduces paint-chipping.

In Stock
Gearshift boot

p/n: 20-2459-26

Insulator, transmission gear shift column lever.

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Steering column floorplate

p/n: 20-1694-88

Seal, steering column tube. Installs on top of floor mat.

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Cowl Lacing Rubber Seal Kit

p/n: 20-1587-42

This rubber Cowl Lacing is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. This seal mounts at the rear of the engine bay directly to the body to seal between the firewall and hood.

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Channel filler weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1633-62

Seal, door glass and stainless frame special. Top, bottom, and sides for one door.Width: .375 inches. Height: .625 inches.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Fuel neck hose

p/n: 20-1584-39

Hose, fuel tank to filler neck.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Brake and clutch shank seal

p/n: 20-1564-23

Seals, brake and clutch pedal arms to floor board.

In Stock
Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1634-64

Weatherstrip, front header bow on windshield top.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Front bow weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1635-64

Weatherstrip, front header bow seal on top bow.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Door check link rod end stop

p/n: 20-1640-70

Kit, door check arm and bumper. Enough for one door.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1648-73

Weatherstrips, open car back of door.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Door weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1651-73

Weatherstrips, lower door.

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Brake cable grommet

p/n: 20-1565-24

Grommet, emergency brake and speedometer cable firewall.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Firewall grommet

p/n: 20-1560-20

Grommet, cowl wiring firewall.

In Stock
Horn Projector Grommet

p/n: 20-1562-21

Grommets, horn bell to bracket.

Ships In 3-4 Days
Inner fender bumper

p/n: 20-1594-45

Bumpers set, front inner splash apron to frame.

In Stock
Motor Mount

p/n: 20-1538-11

Front or rear upper motor mount. Useage: Front motor mount for 1932-1947 Ford Trucks with 6 and 8 cylinders. Front motor mount for 1948-1951 Ford Trucks F-1, F-2, F-3. Two (2) required for trucks. Also used for 1932-1948: Ford & Mercury cars as a front

Ships in 3-4 Days
Door bumper

p/n: 20-1586-41

Bumpers, gas tank door.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Motor mount

p/n: 20-1539-11

Mount, front motor. Lower.Ford Truck 1932-47: All Ford Trucks, 2 each required. 1948-51: Ford F100 Series both 6 or 8 cylinder, 1 each required.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Trunk bumper

p/n: 20-1693-87

Bumpers, deck lid.

In Stock
Headlight to fender gasket

p/n: 20-1542-14

Gasket, headlight bucket to fender. Cork.

In Stock
Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip

p/n: 20-1636-65

This Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. This window channel seal fits between windshield posts and door. Also fits along the top irons. This part is one (1) each. Five (5) individual pieces are required for the complete top.

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Wiper transmission gasket

p/n: 20-1609-53

Seal, wiper pivot shaft to roof or cowl. Small type. Replaces factory #11A-17541. Note: this part is used as a wiper pivot shaft to roof in 1937-1939. It is used as a wiper pivot shaft to cowl in 1941-1948.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Wiper transmission gasket

p/n: 20-1610-53

Seal, wiper pivot shaft to cowl. Large type. Replaces factory #7C-17541.

In Stock
License plate mounting pad

p/n: 20-1557-45

Pad, rear license plate bracket. Cork.

In Stock
License lens gasket

p/n: 20-1558-17

Seals, deck handle base license plate lens. 3 piece set.

In Stock
Firewall grommet

p/n: 20-1611-20

Grommet, wiper hose through firewall.

In Stock
Headlight grommet

p/n: 20-1543-14

Grommet, headlight bucket wiring.

In Stock
Door bumper

p/n: 20-2366-71

Bumper, door jam.Qty Required:2 Two (2) required per car.

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Radiator mounting pad

p/n: 20-1600-31

Pads, radiator to frame.

In Stock
Spring shackle bushing

p/n: 20-1583-33

Bushing, spring shackle rubber.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Firewall grommet

p/n: 20-1561-20

Grommet, choke and throttle rod or hood pull cable firewall.1932-47: All Trucks for choke & throttle rod; 1957-63: All Trucks for choke & wiper.

In Stock
Glovebox bumper

p/n: 20-2391-88

Bumpers, glovebox door.Ford Cars 1960 Bumpers, fuel tank door. All Galaxie models. Ford Truck 1935-47 Bumpers, glovebox door.

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