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85 items found matching 1954 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 2 door Hardtop
Body Weatherstrip Kit

p/n: 90-3090-90

This kit includes the major weatherstrip components and some other essential parts needed for the body of your restoration project.

Front Door Vent Window Set

p/n: 90-0431-90

This Front Door Vent Window Set is a four (4) piece set that contains the main vent window seals and division post seals. All of the pieces were designed from original parts for a precise, factory fit.

Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrips

p/n: 38-0098-55

These Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrips are the main seals needed to replace the rubber on your vent windows. They are designed and molded from original parts for superior fitment and seal.

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Windshield Gasket

p/n: 50-0212-50

This Windshield Gasket is has vulcanized, or bonded, ends which means no cutting or splicing is required for installation. It also has the slot to accommodate the reveal molding across the top only.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 50-0440-72

Door edge weatherstrip with molded ends. Glue in type. Four (4) piece set with fourteen (14) clips. This part is the primary door to body weatherstrip.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 25-0072-11

Insulator, cushion assembly. Engine mount at bell housing, right and left. Revulcanization service only.Length: 5.25 inches.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 25-0059-11

Motor mounts, rear at transmission, right and left. Revulcanization service only.Length: 5.25 inches.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 25-0063-11

Motor mount, upper, engine bracket at front cross member. One (1) per vehicle. Revulcanization service only.Length: 6.1875 inches. Width: 2.875 inches.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 25-0073-11

Insulator, engine mount, front lower. Revulcanization service only.Length: 5.125 inches.

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Roof rail filler

p/n: 25-0069-73

Weatherstrip, front door upper corner, outer (at front end of flipper). Right and left, brass core.Length: 5.625 inches.

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U Jamb lock pillar filler

p/n: 50-0307-79

Door lock pillar seal. This part seals the bottom of the rear side window, and may also be known as a door jamb seal.

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Trunk Weatherstrip Corners

p/n: 60-0511-85

These trunk weatherstrip corners are designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The seals mount to the front corners of the trunk directly to the body.

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Hood To Cowl Weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0940-42

This Hood to Cowl Weatherstrip is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. An exact reproduction of the original profile. This seal mounts at the rear of the engine bay to seal between the hood and vehicle body cowl.

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Door Auxiliary Weatherstrip

p/n: 60-0342-73

Weatherstrip, front door, auxiliary on door front at beltline, right and left. Held on by button fasteners (our #50-0198-73, four (4) each included in set). Also known as a "J" seal.

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Stabilizer Bar End Link Set

p/n: 70-0567-34

Twenty-two (22) piece Stabilizer Bar End Link set for both sides of one (1) vehicle, fits front or rear bar. Order two (2) sets for vehicles with front and rear stabilizer bars. Hex head bolt. 5/16"-24NF x 7-5/8" long. Includes metal sleeves, cup washers and rubber grommets.

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Front Spring Rubber Bumper

p/n: 70-0329-32

Front Spring Rubber Bumper Pair - for upper control arm on frame.

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Run Channel Upper Bumper

p/n: 60-0183-62

Bumper, side window glass in vent frame at top, right and left, brass core.Length: 1.625 inches.

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Motor (Engine) Mount

p/n: 25-0060-11

Motor (engine) mount, lower front. One (1) per car. Length: 4.50 inches.

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Rigid Run Channel

p/n: 70-0347-58

Stainless beaded edge, mohair-lined, exact replacement for rear side of division bar. Available in 15" pairs.

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Beltline Weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0555-58

This Beltline Weatherstrip is sold as a three (3) foot pair. The beltline is used for side window inner and/or outer, front and/or rear doors. Available in a 3ft pair.

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Vent division bar weatherstrip

p/n: 50-0518-56

Front vent window division post seal. Fully molded with metal core and attaching tabs.

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Gearshift boot

p/n: 70-2126-24

Boot, transmission gear hand shift lever. Molded in pliable black rubber which may be painted if needed for restoration.

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Front stabilizer bushing

p/n: 50-0094-34

Bushings, front stabilizer shaft-to-frame or stabilizer shaft, front or rear. Fully molded rubber. One and one half inch (1 1/2") length by one and one half inch (1 1/2") width by eleven sixteenths inch (11/16") inside hole diameter by one and one half in

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Fenderskirt Edge Seal

p/n: 60-0109-45

Fenderskirt Edge Seal - One (1) ten (10) foot strip. Length: 120.0 inches.

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Headlight Mounting Pad

p/n: 70-0201-14

Headlight body mounting gasket. Rubber.

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Side Window Sash Channel

p/n: 70-0641-58

Sash channel, side window glass. U-shaped steel channel only, no filler. Will require that you attach your own window regulator cam to underside as required.

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Windshield post to door seal

p/n: 70-0304-73

Weatherstrip, windshield post, upper to door. Seals between front door vent window frame and windshield pillar. Top quality rubber made to original cross-section. Two (2) strips approximately fifteen (15) inches long. May need to trim ends to fit.

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Rigid Run Channel

p/n: 70-0516-58

Channel, rigid run, lower side window below beltline, zinc plated steel with black cloth lining. Available in 15" pairs.

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Door Flipper Stop

p/n: 70-2853-62

This Door Flipper Stop is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The rear flipper stop mounts inside the flipper opening at the very rear of the door flipper.

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Door Handle Gasket Set

p/n: 70-1913-69

This Door Handle Gasket Set is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. This six (6) piece gasket set will do two (2) doors.

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Roof rail filler

p/n: 70-1763-73

Weatherstrip seal, roof rail, outer at quarter window.Length: 1.125 inches. Width: .75 inches.

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Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads

p/n: 25-0058-22

Pads, brake and clutch pedal. Two (2) per car. Length: 4.0 inches. Width: 2.5 inches.

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Splash Apron / A-Arm Dust Shield

p/n: 70-3064-45

This two (2) piece Splash Apron / A-Arm Dust Shield Filler set is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. Filler pieces are die cut from quality masticated rubber to authentic original dimensions. Pieces fit over suspension a-arms and inside front inner fenders.

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Lock Pillar Water Deflector

p/n: 70-3635-62

Door panel water deflector, at lock. Fully molded for both left and right hand sides.

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Side Window Vertical Leading Edge Weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0141-58

This Vertical Leading Edge Weatherstrip seal pair is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. Slides into metal retaining channel attached to rear side window and seals between the front door window and the rear quarter window.

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Body mounting pad

p/n: 27-0092-48

Insulator, body mounting pad. Metal core & locating collar covered with rubber. Two inch (2") square by fifteen sixteenths inch (15/16") locating collar outside diameter by five eighths inch (5/8") locating collar inside hole diameter. Seven sixteenths in

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Hydraulic pump mounting pad

p/n: 70-0852-67

Pad, mounting, hydraulic pump. Used on models with hydraulic window lifts or hydraulic convertible top. Two (2) to three (3) required. per car.

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Battery clamp cover

p/n: 70-0095-21

Cover, battery clamp. Control unsightly sulfate buildup. Help protect the nearby metal and finish. Good copy from original part.Length: 3.5 inches.

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Rocker panel dust shield cover

p/n: 70-2392-45

Cover, rocker panel inner dust shield. Fully molded with proper attaching teeth and flap.

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Glovebox door check grommet

p/n: 70-1704-88

Grommet, glove box link.Width: .625 inches.

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Solenoid plunger boot

p/n: 60-0567-21

Boot, solenoid plunger, starter switch at starter.Height: 1.625 inches.

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1-3/16" Standard Grommet

p/n: 32-0328-54

Grommet designed for various applications.

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Hood bumper

p/n: 25-0068-42

Bumper, hood to fender, side.Length: 1.1875 inches. Width: .8125 inches.

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Dimmer Switch Grommet

p/n: 40-0083-88

Grommet, dimmer switch for carpet application.

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Masticated Rubber Sheet

p/n: 70-0645-45

Masticated sheet. Three thirty seconds (3/32) inch thick rubber sheet containing random milled cotton cord reinforcement for front end splash aprons, etc. This product is a four (4) foot wide roll, and will only be sold in four (4) square foot multiples

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Wiring grommet

p/n: 70-0355-14

Grommet, electric wire into light body under fenders, for headlights, taillights, some parking lights and auxiliary (fog) lights. Fits seven eighths (7/8) inch hole in light body. Two (2) to eight (8) per car as required.

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Window Stop Stem Bumper

p/n: 33-0622-62

Bumper, window stop. One and one fourth (1-1/4) inch square by one half (1/2) inch thick. Compare with our #33-0540-62 and #33-0675-62.

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Door bumper

p/n: 50-0203-41

Bumper, fuel filler door, rear fender. With steel core, screw retained two (2) per car.Width: .5 inches. Height: .625 inches.

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Glovebox Link Bumper

p/n: 50-0367-88

Bumper, glove box check link. Fits on glove box door arm as needed.Length: .75 inches. Width: .5625 inches. Height: .3125 inches.

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Rear spring bushing

p/n: 70-0549-35

Bushing, spring and shackle, rear.

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