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86 items found matching 1963 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 2 door Convertible
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Body Weatherstrip Kit

p/n: 90-3186-90

This kit includes the major weatherstrip components and some other essential parts needed for the body of your restoration project.

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Convertible roof rail kit

p/n: 70-0808-65

Convertible roof rail weatherstrip. This part fits on the folding roof of the vehicle and seals the side window when the window is fully raised.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 70-0548-11

Front motor mount. Revulcanization service only. Send in cores and allow three weeks for service.

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Window felt weatherstrip

p/n: 80-0949-57

Original equipment style side window horizontal seal kit (also known as beltline weatherstrip). Eight (8) piece kit includes inner and outer felt beltline weatherstrip for each door and quarter windows. These strips wipe the side windows when the glass is

Ships in 1-3 Weeks
Front Door Vent Window Kit

p/n: 90-0429-90

This front door vent window weatherstrip kit is a four (4) piece set that contains the main vent window seals and division post seals. All of the pieces were designed from original parts for a precise, factory fit.

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Prop shaft support service

p/n: 70-0903-27

Support, prop shaft center bearing. Revulcanization service only.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 60-0598-72

Door edge weatherstrip with molded ends. This part is the primary seal which seals the door to body. Includes six (6) clips.

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Front Door Vent Window Weatherstrips

p/n: 38-0096-55

These front door vent window weatherstrips are the main seals needed to replace the rubber on your vent windows. They are designed and molded from original parts for superior fitment and seal.

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Windshield Gasket

p/n: 70-0851-50

This windshield gasket mounts around the full perimeter of the front glass and has properly molded corners for a precise, factory fit.

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Motor mount service

p/n: 70-0708-11

Insulator, (cushion) motor support, rear at transmission. Revulcanization service only.

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Hinge Pillar Weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0794-63

Convertible Hinge Pillar Weatherstrip - Attaches to the body and seals between the A-pillar post and the front section of the door or vent window frame when the door is closed. Includes four (4) pins.

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Engine Mounts

p/n: 70-1275-11

Front engine motor mounts, rubber insulating type pair. Aftermarket replacement. Length: 4.25 inches.

Ships in 5-7 Days
Motor yaw control arm service

p/n: 70-0778-11

Bumper, motor yaw control. Two (2) per car on 2nd cross member. Revulcanization service only.Length: 3.0 inches.

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Splash apron

p/n: 70-2496-45

Filler, splash apron. Die cut masticated rubber to authentic original dimensions. Includes all factory style holes required for installation.

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Fenderskirt Edge Seal

p/n: 70-0154-45

Seal, fenderskirt edge, exact copy, trim notch for skirt lock at installation. Compare sketch with your original to be sure. Two (2), five (5) foot strips.

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Hood to cowl weatherstrip

p/n: 70-1049-43

Weatherstrip, hood to cowl. Uses our part #70-1250-42, #70-1251-42 & 70-1252-42 (sold separately) to adjust hood.

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Headlight filler kit

p/n: 70-2788-14

Filler, headlight kit. Die cut masticated rubber to authentic original dimensions. Includes all factory holes required for installation.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0961-60

Weatherstrip, inner beltline. Thick pile lined, without chrome bead. Nine sixteenths (9/16) inch high by nine thirty seconds (9/32) inch thick, two four (4) foot lengths.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0879-61

Weatherstrip, outer beltline. Made without chrome bead for models with chrome molding on door. Does not include plastic guide plate.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0860-61

Weatherstrip, quarter window outer beltline. Original type with attaching tabs.

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