3/4" Peel-N-Stick Hollow Half Round

Half-round seals offer protection for your boat compartment doors and hatches. This seal features the easy to install and highly weather-resistant bonded 3M Peel-N-Stick adhesive backing. Because of its robust design, this seal is ideal for high use compartment doors and hatches.

Commonly found on the following areas of a boat:
    - Anchor Locker
    - Small Engine Hatch
    - Large Engine Hatch (deck area)
    - Fresh Catch Ice Box (keep ice & fish frozen)
Important on 'saltwater' boats to keep water out but also as noise reduction/insulation.

Large engine hatch area can be up to 12' x 10'.

Available by the foot, 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 30ft lengths.

Note: When purchasing by the foot, select the number of feet you want in the quantity box and it will be sent in one continuous piece. (Possible exception for bulk orders, where it will be shipped in the longest pieces possible.)
Height: 3/4"
Width: 3/4"