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3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Spray

p/n: 96-8987-96

Quickly cleans off wax, grease, oil, old adhesive, road tar, silicone and other sticky residues. Will not dissolve or harm automotive paint that has been properly aged. Also suitable for use on vinyl or glass surfaces. 15 oz. aerosol. NOTE: CANNOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR.

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3M General Aerosol Trim Adhesive

p/n: 96-8080-96

A rapid drying, high strength, light colored adhesive in an aerosol container. Designed for bonding most types of material used in automotive trim operations except unsupported vinyl. Excellent for fabrics, upholstery, foam, jute pads, carpets, re-bonding vinyl top sections, and similar automotive parts. Has adjustable spray pattern, high initial strength and does not require shaking or agitation before using. Provides good heat resistance. 16.25 oz aerosol. NOTE: CANNOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR.

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3M General Purpose Liquid Adhesive Cleaner

p/n: 96-8984-96

A specially blended solvent that provides easy clean up of most types of adhesives and quickly removes waxes, road tars, grease, oil and similar materials. Will not harm thoroughly dried automotive paint, vinyl or fabrics when properly used. 1 Quart Can. NOTE: CANNOT BE SHIPPED VIA AIR.

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3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive

p/n: 96-8061-96

An excellent clear adhesive for plastic repair and emblem application. Use this strong, quick-drying adhesive for plastic or metal emblems, interior rigid plastic, tail light lenses, vinyl side moldings or upholstery. 5 oz. tube.

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3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Black

p/n: 96-8008-96

It is a strong flexible, rubbery adhesive that withstands vibration and extreme temperature vibrations. Primarily designed for use on T-tops and Moon-roofs. Because of its black color, clean-up is eliminated due to its blending in with the rubber. 5 oz. tube.

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3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Black

p/n: 96-8011-96

For bonding trim fabrics (except vinyl), trunk linings, floor mats, rugs, silencer pads and KB boards. Also used as a good general purpose rubber cement. Had quick tack, will not bleed through fabric. 5 oz. tube.

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3M Auto Bedding and Glazing Compound

p/n: 96-8509-96

A non-hardening, water resistant, medium bodied sealer for sealing body seams, under moldings and between windshield rubber and car body. Remains permanently soft and pliable to absorb movement in the auto body. Easy to Use-Stop-Flo Plunger on each cartridge prevents oozing and has dry rag clean up. 10 oz. cartridge.

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3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow

p/n: 96-8001-96

For adhering all type of rubber weatherstripping to car doors and trunks. An excellent adhesive for bonding engine gaskets. Can be used for adhering vinyl trim headliners and side panels. Light colored adhesive. Very fast drying, exceptional bonding strength. 5 oz. tube.

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Loctite Super Bonder 495

p/n: 96-0495-96

General purpose instant adhesive designed to bond rubber, metal and plastic parts. Excellent for modified gaskets or rubber footage made of dense or sponge rubber. 3 gm. tube.

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