Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip Set

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This Convertible Roof Rail Weatherstrip set fits on the folding roof of the vehicle and seals the side window when the window is fully raised. This seven (7) piece set is all the rubber weatherstrips for the convertible top to the top of the door glass.

Fitment Note
Note: This set includes the front bow weatherstrip that seals the convertible top to the windshield header. These roof rail weatherstrips are for Ford models only.

  • Made from top quality rubber to ensure durability and proper seal.
  • These reproduction weatherstrips are designed from original part to fit correctly.
  • An all-rubber set with no hardware included.
  • Not cloth covered like originals.

Product Note
Note: For convertible roof rails that are not cloth covered we offer a Bowdrill Cloth Tape in Black 70-1172-65 or Tan 70-1173-65. This Bowdrill Cloth Tape is a flexible cloth covering with an adhesive backing. It can be used to cover the rubber roof rail weatherstrips to provide a slick surface for the glass to move against.

Hand Crafted. Quality Manufactured. Guaranteed to Fit.

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A Warning for State of California residents. (Prop. 65)

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