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EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), is a type of synthetic rubber, which can be used in a wide range of applications. EPDM exhibits outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, steam and weather.

EPDM is compatible with polar substances, e.g. fireproof hydraulic fluids, ketones, hot and cold water, and alkalis. It is incompatible with most hydrocarbons, such as oils, kerosene, aromatic, gasoline, as well as halogenated solvents.

Sponge Rubber
Our sponge rubber is a closed cell sponge so water cannot penatrate. It's a proprietary blend with zero fillers. Typical applications are door seals, trunk seals, hardtop roof rails, and some hood-to-cowls.

Dense Rubber
Our dense rubber is blended to provide maximal sealing properties while maintaining flexibility and suppleness. Typical applications are windshiled and rear window gaskets, some hood-to-cowls, and most molded items like vent windows, bumpers, grommets, lock pillar fillers, and quarter window leading edges.

Dual Durometer Rubber
Dual durometer rubber refers to some parts that are molded with dense and sponge rubber sections. Many door and trunk seals have a dense rubber section that contains a flexible steel core that is designed to be pushed on to a pinchweld. The sponge rubber section is generally the part that provides the seal between to surfaces.