Flexible Run Channel

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Flexible Run Channel with stainless beaded edge. The flexible metal channel is cloth covered and mohair for sides and top of door windows.

Perfect dimensions, Five eighths (5/8) inch wide by nine sixteenths (9/16) inch overall height, exact replacement. Sold as a five (5) foot strip.


Product Details
Part Number: 70-1238-58
Length: 5ft
Features: Stainless bead
Shipping Exemptions: Oversize

Product Note
Note: For six (6) foot length, see our 70-1239-58.

Quality Guaranteed.

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How to Bend Run Channel

OVERSIZE ITEMS: Due to the length of this part, to ship outside of the US or Canada, the product may need to be cut down to meet length guidelines. Contact us before purchasing and we may be able to cut it to a length that meets the guidelines while being long enough for your application.

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