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Bulb Seal, Wiper Seal
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The Lock-N-Seal slide out seal has a unique, universal design that can replace almost any seal configuration. There is a hinging section, that has an adhesive back, that allows the seal to be used on right angles, different wall thicknesses, and even on thin lips. The super flexible wiper section is an excellent replacement for most wiper lengths.


This Lock-N-Seal is known to fit the following RV models, but compatibility is not guaranteed. Please check your specific model's specifications and confirm compatibility before purchasing.

Manufacturers Include:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other RV models that this part will fit. The above list is provided as a reference and the actual fit may vary based on individual models, production years, and manufacturing variations.

Available by the foot.

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Note: When purchasing by the foot, select the number of feet you want in the quantity box and it will be sent in one continuous piece. (Possible exception for bulk orders, where it will be shipped in the longest pieces possible.)

Shipping Note

Due to shipping constrictions, we can run a maximum continuous length of 75ft. For orders greater than 75ft, please call to let us know where we can section the pieces.

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