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This Rigid Run Channel pair is stainless beaded and mohair-lined to help eliminate window rattles and provide a smooth sliding surface for glass movement. Also works to protect the glass.

An exact replacement for rear side of division bar. Fastens in place by small screws or rivets on top and bottom. Simply cut to exact length required and drill 2 small holes. Approximately fifteen (15) inches long.

  • Reproduction designed from original part.
  • Stainless beaded edge and mohair-lined.
  • Installs with screws or rivets.
  • Approximately fifteen (15") inches in length.


Product Details  
Part Number: 70-0347-58
Set: Two (2) Piece
Dimension: 15" (L) x 1/2" (W)
Features: Stainless Beaded Edge
Installation Hardware: Not Included

Hand Crafted. Quality Manufactured. Guaranteed to Fit.


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How to Bend Run Channel

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