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84 items found matching 1937 Packard 115 4 door Sedan - 5 Passenger
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Accelerator pedal service

p/n: 30-0400-41

Pedal, accelerator. Revulcanization service only. Includes new ball sockets as original, with correctly detailed tread pattern.Length: 9.625 inches.

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Axle rebound pad

p/n: 30-0054-32

Pads, rear axle rebound.Length: 5.125 inches. Width: 1.4375 inches.

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Battery clamp cover

p/n: 70-0095-21

Cover, battery clamp. Control unsightly sulfate buildup. Help protect the nearby metal and finish. Good copy from original part.Length: 3.5 inches.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0555-58

Weatherstrip, door window inner and outer, front and rear doors. Seven sixteenths (7/16) inch wide, with chrome bead, mohair faced, flexible. Two (2) three (3) foot strips. Bend to fit.

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Bijur lubricator spring seal

p/n: 30-0434-32

Seal, spring shackle. For models with Bijur lubrication systems.

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Black door lock knob

p/n: 30-0251-71

Knob, inside door lock control, flexible rubber, black only.Height: 1.125 inches.

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Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 30-0188-22

Pads, brake and clutch pedal, slip over type. Black rubber only. For black and red (semi-automatic clutch models) see our #30-0188-89.Length: 3.875 inches.

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Brake and clutch shank seal

p/n: 30-0143-24

Boot, brake and clutch pedal shank at toe board.Length: 2.9375 inches.

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Brake cable anti-rub cover

p/n: 30-0425-24

Anti-rattle, brake cable at frame.

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Channel filler weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0075-57

Channel pad, window carrier, incorporating weatherstrip. Used for some side window lower channel.Width: .375 inches. Height: .6875 inches.

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Channel filler weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0241-57

Weatherstrip, side window, double-lip seal type, used as filler for one fourth (1/4) inch glass in metal carrier channel.Width: .375 inches. Height: .

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Cowl vent gasket

p/n: 30-0179-54

Gasket, cowl vent, original labyrinth type, not sponge.Length: 14.75 inches. Width: 5.50 inches.

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Dimmer switch grommet

p/n: 40-0083-88

Grommet, dimmer switch for carpet application.

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Door and trunk handle gasket

p/n: 30-0235-71

Pad, outside door handle escutcheon.Length: 2.4375 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 30-0021-71

Pad, door jamb.Length: 1.50 inches. Width: 1.25 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 30-0002-71

Bumper, door side. One and one fourth (1-1/4) inch by two (2) inch.Length: 2.0 inches. Width: 1.25 inches.

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Door bumper

p/n: 30-0032-71

Pad, for door. Circular shape, one and one fourth (1-1/4) inch diameter.

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Door weatherstrip

p/n: 30-0085-73

Weatherstrip, door, hollow bulb seal construction to replace composite sponge and solid rubber. Retained by metal clips (not included, see our #70-0391-73).

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Door weatherstrip fastener

p/n: 70-0391-73

Clip, door bottom weatherstrip retaining, for our #70-0066-73 lower door weatherstrip, to fit one fourth (1/4) inch holes. Doors usually require one clip per every six (6) inches. Estimate needs accordingly.

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Electrical terminal boot

p/n: 30-0279-41

Boot, electrical connection, generator terminal or ignition coil at engine.

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